Industry Focus

Our aircraft financing experience benefits you in every deal.

Apple Bank began providing aviation and export credit financing in 2009 to global airlines and aircraft and engine leasing companies to meet the rapidly growing and diversifying airline industry’s need for lower cost, new sources of capital. Historically, global airline traffic has doubled every 15 years, and it is projected to continue to grow 5% annually. Recent industry projections anticipate 41,030 new airplanes over the next 20 years valued at $6.1 trillion to meet increased travel demand and replacement demand. (Source: Boeing Annual Current Market Outlook 2016.)

The aircraft leasing sector also continues on the rise, approaching over 40% of new deliveries of the global fleet of narrow-bodies, wide-bodies, regional aircraft and cargo aircraft around the world.

Apple Bank has the global expertise, array of resources, industry relationships and deep understanding of our customers’ aviation needs to help them meet this demand with low-cost aircraft loan solutions, access to decision-makers during every step of the financing process, and fast execution. 


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